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music producer
singer & audio AI leader


Music is my first love - Artificial Intelligence my second. With passion i follow the mission to make everyone a musician and to help digital media & music producers to get the best out of their creative work flow.

As the brainchild of the SoundMatch A.I. established for Jamahook Inc. (in collaboration with Fraunhofer IDMT), I innovated a powerful algorithm that can take any audio input and match it with sounds that fit perfectly well. Some like to call it the Tinder for Music & Beats. 


The first product is a VST Plugin that filters loops in a revolutionary new way making music producers save essential time in their work flow. The second product is a mobile app in BETA stage.

Join my journey where I as a music producer, vocalist & audio AI leader bring together the best of both worlds.


Karim Bhorania (aka Kream Hook)

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